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Live Data. Actionable alerts. Proprietary signals.

Rich Data

Improved underlying security display. Candlesticks, volume, and more - updated minutely.

30+ Tickers

Get Access to over 30 more tracked tickers, option chains, and datasets.


Experimental indicators and a rich library of visualizations & charting tools.

Proprietary Data & Signals

Get access to a proprietary algorithm that is continuously refined by the NOPE team. Gain much greater insights with the ability to access changes in the options chain, candlestick underlying stock data, and a growing set of rich tools & data.

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Get Trading Alerts

Available as SMS, Email, or Discord channel notifications, NOPE Premium subscribers get access our proprietary signals & custom alerting options.

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Download Data

NOPE Premium subscribers get access to CSV datasets of digested historical NOPE data.

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